Michael Costello is one of the most prominent celebrity fashion designers in the world. A self-taught prodigy, Michael has built a massive empire by making women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful and upending an industry that lacked diversity and excitement to reach millennials like him.

Fashion was something that came naturally to Michael – from starting at the age of two by drawing dresses on his bedroom walls to opening his first store at fifteen. While many fans recognize him from Lifetime’s Project Runway franchise, Michael’s brand has blossomed into an international household name beyond mainstream television.

Michael Costello’s exquisite dresses dominate every prestigious red carpet award show — from the Grammys to the Oscars. His unparalleled instinct to perfectly enhance the natural hour glass figure has garnered the attention of stars like Beyonce, JLo, Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, and more. His work has graced the covers of NY Times, People Magazine, and featured in major news organizations around the world like the Associated Press, CNN, Access Hollywood, E!, etc. Several of Michael’s dresses are on display at the Grammys Museum, and Michael has also been featured in countless fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire.

The Michael Costello brand, with its soft draping, celebrity clientele, and massive sex appeal, has secured its place in the fashion industry as one of the decade’s most sought after brands. Michael’s appreciation for the feminine beauty and his passion for continuously pushing the boundaries of fashion to create the next dynamic, bold, statement-making moment for women lingers in every stitch, every yard of fabric.

Followed by legions of fans – millions on social media, Michael Costello continues to capture the world with his creations and his quirky personality.